The 15th Kavli Asian Winter School on Strings, Particles and Cosmology

January 18 - 27, 2021
Beijing, China


The events are scheduled in Beijing time (UTC+8 / GMT+8). You can find the schedule in PDF format here. KAWS 2021 Schedule

Gong Shows

Gong Show I

Name Affiliation Title
 1 Mritunjay Verma University of Southampton Higher Spins and Gyromagnetic Couplings
 2 Kashyap Sitender Institute of Physics, Bhubaneshwar Two Point Tree Amplitudes in the Pure Spinor Superstring
 3 Guanda Lin Peking University Non-planar form factors of generic local operators via on-shell unitarity and color-kinematics duality
 4 Yui Hayashi Chiba University Complex poles of QCD propagators and their interpretation
 5 Sayali Bhatkar IISER Pune Ward identity for 1-loop soft photon theorem
 6 Takuya Yoda Kyoto University Quantum phase transition in 3dim SQED and Lefschetz thimble analysis
 7 Mohsen Karkheiran IBS-CTPU Yukawa Couplings computations for T-branes
 8 Wang Shao-Jiang KIAS The bottomline constraint on inflation from swampland conjectures
 9 Hoiki Madison Liu The University of Tokyo Wavefunctions in dS/CFT revisited: principal series and double-trace deformations
 10 Zun Wang The¬†Hong Kong¬†University of Science and Technology Non-Standard Primordial Clocks from Induced Mass in Alternative to Inflation Scenarios
 11 Akhil Sivakumar ICTS, Bangalore Towards fluctuating hydrodynamics from holography
 12 A. Naveena Kumara National Institute of Technology Karnataka, Surathkal Null Geodesics and Thermodynamic Phase Transition of Regular AdS Black Holes

Gong Show II

Name Affiliation Title
 1 Myungbo Shim Kyung Hee University Discrete Choices in 3d-3d Correspondence and Large N
 2 Dmitrii Galakhov Kavli IPMU Quiver Yangian and Supersymmetric Quantum Mechanics
 3 Dongwook Ghim Korea Institute for Advanced Study 5d BPS quivers and KK towers
 4 Baoning Du University of Science and Technology and China Quantum periods and TBA-like equations for a class of Calabi-Yau geometries
 5 Zhihao Duan Korea Institute for Advanced Study Bootstrapping ADE M-strings
 6 Minsung Kim POSTECH Bootstrapping BPS spectra of 5d/6d field theories
 7 Zhe-Fei Yu Peking University On Galilean conformal bootstrap
 8 Jin Chen Yau Mathematical Sciences Center, Tsinghua University Elliptic Quantum Curves of Class Sk
 9 Changha Choi Stony Brook University Thermal order in large N conformal gauge theories
 10 Zhenghao Zhong Imperial College London Magnetic quivers of rank one theories
 11 Kaiwen Sun Max Planck Institute for Mathematics Elliptic genera and Jacobi forms of lattice index
 12 Peter Merkx Institute for Basic Science, CTPU Pairing 6D SCFTs

Gong Show III

Name Affiliation Title
 1 Gabriel Wong Fudan University Entanglement entropy and edge modes in topological string theory
 2 Zixia Wei Yukawa Institute for Theoretical Physics Codimension two holography for wedges
 3 Takato Mori SOKENDAI A general formula for entanglement entropy in interacting theories
 4 Sang-Eon Bak Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology Holographic teleportation in higher dimensions
 5 Jan Boruch University of Warsaw Path-Integral Optimization from Hartle-Hawking Wave Function
 6 Aneesh Prema Balakrishnan Chennai Mathematical Institute First law of black hole mechanics with fermions
 7 Siyul Lee University of Michigan Microscopics of BPS and near-BPS black holes in AdS3
 8 Zhuo-Yu Xian Institute of Theoretical Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences Complexity growth of operators in the SYK model and in JT gravity
 9 Boyang Yu Yau Mathematical Sciences Center, Tsinghua University AdS3 gravity and complex SYK models
 10 Yi Li Fudan University TTbar CFT and cutoff AdS
 11 Junichi Haruna Kyoto University Thermodynamics of TT-bar deformed O(N) vector model